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Part 20 – Lakshman wins at the games

The Sunday evening saw most of HEGT, and even people from Tukawadi, with passes given out to them, converge at the Recreation Centre for the big game of the year. There was a very festive atmosphere. There were food stalls selling wada-pavs and burgers, and plenty other fast food on the grounds. Excited children walking with cotton candy, and wearing matching team t-shirts with their parents were all over the place. There were face and body painting stalls, and people were flocking to get themselves painted green and black, and red and white, in their team’s colours. Everybody was out to have a good time.

The game was Love-key. It was a spin on HEGT’s novel intra-campus ferry system – the love-kits, and hockey. What some enthusiastic HEGT employees had done is that they took the levitation technology in the ferrying baskets and miniaturized it, and integrated it into the shoe soles, elbow pads, belts, and helmets of the players. Then the field creating material that was drawn out on the paths for the love-kits ferry was painted all over the hockey ground. The players were given controls on their palms to adjust the field created from their gear that interacted with the field from the hockey ground. Thus they were able to adjust how high they wanted to be from the ground. Thus by using the controls on their palms, with their fingers, which took them some practice to get used too, they could take off from the ground or get back to it. To move forward, or side-ways, the player would throw their weight in that direction.

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