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Part 16 – Moonlight trek – all freshers

The whole group was pretty excited about their weekend trip. They were going on a special trek, and it was a one that the locals often did, and was suggested by them. There were going to go to a place a little away from Tukawadi, and trek from there across the range of hills to culminate in the devraai on the hill in HEGT. The special thing about this trek is that it was an overnight one, on the full moon night of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Come Saturday, the group, largish for a trek, 19 of them, reached the starting point at the base of a hill around 7 in the evening. They were accompanied by Mahesh Mali kaka’s teenage son, Vishwa and 2 of his friends, who were local residents of Tukawadi and going to play the role of guides today.

It was a cool evening, and the group was in high spirits. Many of them had got along packets of snacks for the way. Moni and Bethany had come together with some volunteers, which included Bulbul Singh, and put together a nice spread, which included methi parathas and payasam, among other yummy treats.

Suraj had had a busy week, and a busy day that day as well. He was kind of tired and was in two minds about joining this trek, but eventually tagged along. He was enjoying sitting around in the group, nibbling at snacks being passed around, cracking jokes, laughing. He half-jokingly suggested that they spend the night there – sitting, snacking, snoozing and get back home in the morning. He was eloquently supported by Shirisha and Kamal, but generally booed down.

Shortly, they started up the hill, with a big, rich, copper moon looking on them from a clear sky. It was magical. There was moonlight enough to read in, and many of them exclaimed how thanks to electric lights they didn’t know a full moon was so bright.

At the top of the hill, Vishwa pointed out a very faint light, like a star, out in the distance. “That” he said “is a light on the tower in the HEGT campus. And is roughly the direction we will go in”.

‘This can’t be so bad then’ thought Suraj to himself. “If we can actually see HEGT, then we’ll be in a few hours – half way through the night.” Continue reading